Our Story

The Genesis of Flavorful Dreams.

Hey there! We're Shane and Thavinya, the duo behind this beloved spice company. Our story is one of shared dreams, a love for cooking, and a mission to make every kitchen a haven of convenience and flavour.

It all began in our kitchen, where countless evenings were spent trying new recipes, and sharing laughter over shared meals.

Despite our busy lives, we found solace and joy in the act of cooking.
However, the constant struggle to find the right spices a recipe called for, in the right quantity, often disrupted our time in the kitchen.

One day, as we navigated the aisles of a local grocery store, inspiration struck.

What if we could create a line of spices (and hopefully other products) 👀 that could be the perfect companion for every dish, eliminating the need for an extensive spice rack? The idea ignited a spark within us, and the vision of making cooking more convenient for everyone took root.

Our goal was simple: to provide home cooks with a convenient solution for elevating their dishes without the hassle of a cluttered spice cabinet.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the love of cooking.
Our spices are a testament to the belief that cooking should be enjoyable, accessible, and above all, delicious.

Here's to many more meals filled with flavour and joy!

Happy Cooking,
Shane and Thavinya